Jah Woosh "This Natty Alright"

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Jah Woosh "This Natty Alright"

Postby capullo » Sun Mar 23, 2014 8:31 pm

From the book "Junia Reggae" (Jr. Walker) - a short background story on the tune "This Natty Alright" by Jah Woosh (around 1974/75)

(...) A couple people had gathered to bid him (Keith Hudson) farewell, artistes, musicians and area friends when someone in the room said "How you just a leave and no do nothing fe Junior (Walker)?" He (Hudson) in turn feeling guilty said: "See Jah Woosh ina de corner deh, you have money go down a Tubby's mek him do a song fe you" unknown to me (Jr. Walker) at the time Jah Woosh had made it known to him that he wanted him to take a song from him to England but Keith wasn't prepared to spend any money in Jamaica so this was the perfect opportunity for me (Jr. Walker) to pay for it. He then handed me a two-track tape with Horace Andy's "Dont think about me I'm alright" as he knew I liked it a lot on my sound system. Also he was trying to make a statement that although he hadn't done much by me in Jamaica no one should make that their concern. Jah Woosh and I (Jr. Walker) set out for Tubby's, Woosh showed me a new route that involved a lot of walking in order to save money. While talking and familarizing Jah Woosh with who I was regarding my past at the bank and the production I anticipated, it was funny to hear Woosh later applying bits of our conversation to the lyrics of the song "This natty alright". My $70 was efficiently managed as I paid him $30, paid $10 for transportation and paid Tubby's $30 for one hour studio time. The first thing Tubby's said to me was: "Is this him (Keith Hudson) give you?" referring to the two-track tape. As this was my first time in the studio alone I wasn't aware that the two-track had the finished song already mixed and no remixing could be done to make a new DJ song without the four-track tape with the un-mixed music. Tubby saw the disappointment in my face and I guess he remembered my bank days when I would be mixing tracks for "Pick-a-Dub". We'd somethimes cut dubs for Black Equinox (Jr. Walker's Sound System) and money was never a problem, whatever his price was I would pay so he used one of his blank tapes to record the new song on and because he had done the original mix for the Horace Andy song he just used some effects like delay and echo to make it sound different. This turned out so well that years later I discovered that Keith had replaced the original dub on this track we had with this one on Pick-a-Dub released in England. (...)

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