Ethiopian Man – Ivanhoe - ever released?

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Re: Ethiopian Man – Ivanhoe - ever released?

Postby Ruffneck » Tue Sep 16, 2014 9:11 pm

All I can say is that the sound clips from this seller sound much better than the usual pirate mp3 business and at least he's open about what he is selling rather than claiming they are original slates from back in the days. How he got hold of the tracks I don't know but it's hard to pass judgement on anyone unless you don't know the whole story. Wouldn't be at all surprised if some old time selectors out there took the chance of making a little extra by selling old mixes to someone from the younger generation... and if the buyer then makes the effort to go to a studio to remaster the tracks to make them sound as good as possible, the main question is why the original owner didn't do the same thing, made a deal with the artist and released it?
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