Rastaman With A Bullet - Rolling Stone cover

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Rastaman With A Bullet - Rolling Stone cover

Postby David Cupples » Mon Aug 12, 2013 6:57 pm

37 years ago today, Bob Marley is on the cover of Rolling Stone's "Rastaman with a Bullet" issue, 8/12/76. Two essays inside talk about Bob and JA. What do they get right (a little) and what do they get wrong (a lot). Does it matter? Do Western conceits and attitudes about Bob, JA and the Third World matter? I think they do. Read Stir It Up --highly praised by Roger Steffens, Barbara Makeda Blake Hannah, Sheron Hamilton-Pearson of e2onair Reggae Nation, reggae (dot) be [Belgium] Midnight Raver, Youth and Elders JA, and more http://www.facebook.com/StirItUpCIAJamaica
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