The Thrill Is Gone

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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby Inyaki » Sun Aug 11, 2013 7:30 pm

I've never felt that my interest in Reggae (all the JA musical styles and eras ) has diminished at all in the last 35 years.
I just change styles and years depending on my listening mood.
We live in the golden age of information and access to music....if anything, I'm more interested than ever, and keep discovering mpre music I never heard before.
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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby Chocolate Soldier » Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:50 am

Just to be clear, my disappointment with the whole scene comes not so much from learning of reggae artiste's personal beliefs, antics, associations, hobbies, activities outside music etc :-) but that the music could become widely publically associated with hate, ugliness and intolerance thanks to certain artists who emerged on the scene, plus their fans and followers for whom this represents the 'new normal', with pretty much no murmur of dissent or debate from within the ranks of other artists or followers...

Fwiw - a classic pathway into genocide involves things like singling out target groups, creating an 'us and them' division, broadcasting of hate propaganda, dehumanization, etc...disconcerting to have seen those elements creep into reggae music thanks to some artists.

I also find the juxtaposition of extremist religious views, the profane and violence, sometimes contained in a single song's lyric by artistes like Sizzla et al to be very bizarre & troubling indeed. Can't understand how people accept this as 'normal' :-)
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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby Chocolate Soldier » Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:58 am

lankou wrote: Sizzla also does a lot of positive things for people in his neighborhood and doesn't toot his horn about it every day. ... ugust-Town

Friday, September 03, 2004

PROTESTING August Town residents yesterday gave dancehall artiste 'Sizzla' 24 hours to leave the community, and at the same time asked the police to release people who were being held since Tuesday without bail.

The residents claim that men who usually gather at 'Judgement Yard', premises on August Town Road owned by the dancehall artiste, have been responsible for an upsurge of gun violence in the Kingston community, which has so far left three people dead.

"We don't need Sizzla here since he can't conform to the rules and regulations of the community, so we are giving him 24 hours to leave. Sizzla need to sort himself out so he must decide whether he is an artiste or a badman, he can't be both. He must leave in 24 hours," said a 22 year-old woman who led yesterday's demonstration
. ... gust-town/

Posted October 6, 2008

I went to August Town one time when the war was going strong and the roads were all blocked off. Everyone told me I was mad for going down there but I was doing a report on the gangs at the time and needed to get into the community.

What surprised me most when I was there was how everyone would talk about “Sizzlas men” and that is was they up the road who were causing so much of the trouble. I was abit naive at the time because I had been listening to a lot of Sizzla’s music and could not equate the man who was singing sweetly about love and strength and happiness and other sounds rasta beliefs, that he was neck deep in the gang warfare in his community.

Well he has also been ordered by the August Town community to leave the area. Sizzla’s house and fenced off bit is called “Judgment Yard” . There have been previous reports of large stashes of weapons being found there. I’ve heard that Sizzla arms people in the area and is being held responsible for deaths and shootings. ... n-charges/

February 1, 2010, 14:00pm

Sizzla was arrested on Wednesday by Jamaica's St Andrew parish Central police following reports that gunshots were fired at a group of people at a river in August Town.

According to The Weekend Star, Crime chief for the division, Deputy Superintendent Derrick 'Cowboy' Knight, stated that the entertainer, born Miguel Orlando Collins, was taken into custody following the shooting incident.

"The incident occurred sometime around 8:15 P.M. and we responded and Sizzla was arrested about 15 minutes later," DSP Knight said before adding that Sizzla is in the process of being interrogated and his hands were also swabbed for gunpowder.

According to reports, people were gathering water when an armed man approached them and fired several shots in their direction. Although no one was injured, police reports from witnesses identified the reggae star as the shooter.

According to Knight, the reason behind the shooting may be that a number of areas in August Town are currently at odds.

"Well that is what happened based on the reports we have ... We are investigating but we know that a number of places like Judgement Yard, Goldsmith Villa and Hermitage have constant friction, so we are looking into that," Knight said.

This also isn't Sizzla's first arrest when it comes to pistol play. In 2005, Sizzla was arrested and questioned after 13 high powered guns were dug up by police in the Judgement Yard section of August Town.

However no charges were filed after he denied any knowledge of the hardware and questioned for three days. ... lead1.html

Friday | March 18, 2005

THE SECURITY forces believe they have put a major dent in criminal activity in the hotbed of August Town, St. Andrew, where 13 high-powered weapons, ballistic vests, ammunition and gun parts were found yesterday.

Preliminary investigations reveal that one of the ballistic vests belonged to a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and the other to a police man who was dismissed recently.

At least 33 persons, including popular dancehall artiste, Miguel Collins, alias 'Sizzla', were detained for questioning in relation to the gun find and the spate of unrest being experienced in sections of the community.


This is the second major gun find in the August Town community in less than a month. About two weeks ago the police found three handguns there but nobody was arrested.

The cache of illegal firearms include; six AK-47 rifles, three sniper rifles, one M-16 rifle, two shotguns, one Intratec-Nine sub-machine gun, 58 assorted rounds of ammunition, 11 magazines and a silencer which was fitted to the M-16 rifle, two ballistic vests and two AK-47 butt stocks. There was also a small telescopic lens that was fitted to the Intratec-Nine.

The find has now pushed the number of illegal guns seized since the start of the year to more than 144. Last year over 600 illegal guns were taken from the hands of criminals. Yesterday's find is the largest number of guns to be found at the same time and location, apart from those discovered at the island's ports.

"This has an estimated street value of close to $2 million," said Senior Superintendent Donald Pusey, who led yesterday's operation.


The weapons were discovered beneath the earth, of a large fowl coop, located in a river bed about 120 metres from the August Town main road. The police said the area is known as 'Sizzla Corner'.

Deputy Commissioner Tilford Johnson who arrived early on the scene, said the success was a result of Police Commissioner Lucius Thomas' new strategy to target and concentrate on the five geographical police divisions which have been contributing to the country's high homicide rate. ... -shooting/
June 25, 2012

Police reportedly raided Sizzla Kalonji’s infamous Judgement Yard over the weekend after gunfire broke out in August Town.

According to reports reaching Urban Islandz, four persons were shot; two of the wounded individuals were pronounce dead at hospital
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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby dan i dubdub » Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:48 pm

Not quite the Robin Hood his apologists like to make out. Thanks for the research Choco. A friend of mine warned me about some of this generation of supposedly 'conscious' artists when they were first making an impact in the mid 90s, some very mixed messages from many of them.
bring love spread peace

dan i
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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby capullo » Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:52 pm

bit like some ranking dread tunes. lyrics he chatted didn't reflect his personal lifestyle at all...
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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby KingSimeonSound » Fri Aug 30, 2013 5:15 pm

Ranking Drd... it's a good example to pull up. Because to a good number of people Ranking Dread was a nice guy, many women loved him and were treated lovingly and well by him... many took his lyrics for true. He had plenty of friends in the UK and was a nice guy to many people.

I think there is more and more a tabloid way of seeing people who have a wider exposure, perhaps an effect of the mass media being at a constant and ever to hand. New information... hear it first... he said.. she said... As everyone really knows and as Choco's more localised reports suggest: they are all just normal people. It is a worrying thing the way people take it so serious, as the vids show, getting so hyped and hysterical with certain phrases/ideas. I'm with you on that Choco.

I too resent being marked with the same brush by a media/culture that is content to perpetuate prejudice. Unfortunately they are the majority, a good reason I barley have a relationship with them any more, since they continue an unpleasant subtle prejudice.

As for Sizzla and his persona/ideals: I still see so much of this as being a fetishisation, to perpetuate and reach further in the media/commercial world etc. It appears that to gain more, it requires a heightened effort to BE that guy (Star factor) or just to irritate by always being in the picture..! It isn't in itself a negative thing... David Bowie is a good example of someone who tried to lead the inevitable publicity his popularity earned by rewarding it with his own creations. Overly self conscious, but with a purpose/strategy. Sizzla as with so many, seemed to get caught up in his creation.. he started to believe it.

That is all it ever is really... people would do well to take a step back and know what they enjoy, but keep a perspective on things, don't take it so seriously. Your family, your street/neighbours and your community is a better place to put active investments of thought than some colourful character on MTV/You tube.
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