The Thrill Is Gone

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The Thrill Is Gone

Postby underated » Sun Aug 04, 2013 12:55 am

I have been listening to Reggae for about 30 years & the thrill is pretty much gone , it's still my main sound, it's just not the same, when the layers get peeled away music tends to loose it's mystery.
I was just thinking what the other listeners out there think ?

Long still get the same feeling from the music ?
Short timers.....what you think ?

Of course age does play a part :)
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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby jb welda » Sun Aug 04, 2013 4:22 am

I am truly sorry to hear that. Care to donate your collection to a good cause?

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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby Ras Berry » Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:50 am

I feel exactly the same. Been listening to and buying it since 1979/80 but I'd say probably starting about ten years ago my interest has gradually waned to the point nowadays where I rarely buy it and listen to what I've got only occasionally. I'd say I've probably sold half my collection over those ten years and haven't really missed it. The thrill has mostly gone...

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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby kalcidis » Sun Aug 04, 2013 10:30 am

I know the feeling, underated. Five or ten years ago reggae was the only thing I could think about. I took reggae literature with me to class at the uni and read it instead of taking notes (... it was obviously a poor choice it would turn out). But nowadays I rarely feel excited about any new tunes I hear. A lot of the so called killers and thrillers I hear people play today just leave me cold. For me personally I think it has to do that I go all in on a music style and listen to very little else. I used to be a biiiig hiphop fan when I was a kid and listened exclusively to it for the first ten years I got into music. Then I just quit in what felt like a day and started listening to jazz, funk and soul for a few years until I tired of that. Then I found reggae sometime in the late 90's and got gradually more and more obsessed with it. I miss those days. I would think that my girlfriend listens to more reggae than I do nowadays.

... but I've been starting to dig out my old hiphop albums again which is a joy. Started this day with Divine Stylers first album and followed it with Ice-T's - Power. It's incredible that the music could sound like that once upon a time.
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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby KingSimeonSound » Sun Aug 04, 2013 11:23 am

It's never the music that changes... just the person. As kalcidis mentioned, it's the relationship we have with the music that carries us through life... all kinds of things change, but it's always re-assuring to go back and find something that hasn't.

I don't have the same relationship I had with music 10 years ago, and I don't check so much of the new music as much as I would have done. Part of the valuing of it has diminished relative to my age.. I am not hanging with the kids on the block any more, following keenly and excitedly with what is 'new'.

Plenty of good things out there, but I listen less to the hype (definitely something that has increased) and more with my own ears. I don't listen to a lot of my records at home any more, but I reckon that like with young love... I've moved into the companionship phase. Hehe.
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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby Herbie » Sun Aug 04, 2013 1:27 pm

I can completely understand where you are coming from. Trends in the phenomenal Jamaican/reggae music world - with all the branches therof - have always changed and will naturally continue to do so - some will appeal and some won't.

For me, it's always been the case that you have to dig through literally hundreds of tunes to find the ones that really appeal to you personally. The latest hype means nothing - I just open me ears and can usually tell withing 30 seconds if I feel the tune or not. I saw a massive collection of vinyl online recently and my first reaction was that amongst all the killer tunes - well there's going to be a huge number of tracks there that doesnt appeal to me at all.

Still, how refreshing it is to find talented singers and players of instruments who create music from the soul that vibrates with you personally and maybe even bring a smile to your face :D

Just keep digging - reggae has been the soundtrack of my life for nearly 30 years and I am still discovering old and new talent.

Big, heartfelt respect to all the people creating, producing and distributing quality reggae music.

Bless up

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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby dan i dubdub » Sun Aug 04, 2013 1:41 pm

Sad and jaded. Oh dear.

I was first aware of reggae when my dad would play it in the house when I was about 6 or 7. That music has never gone away for me since then, nor has the thrill of listening to one of those great intros, full of tension, suspense and promise. I am quite excited about some of the new music coming out personally. New producers are coming up all the time and some of them are now working with the veterans of the scene, like Cornel Campbell's recent releases (check his forthcoming 12" with Dub Conductor). Doesn't mean that all that new music is good by any means, but some of it really stays with me (like Naggo Morris' 12" on Hanami Records a couple of years ago).

I hear people talking about the amount of duff tunes, when hasn't that been the case? I remember going to the Music & Video Exchange in Shepherds Bush when I was growing up and their whole basement was full of duff reggae, even then! You've always had to go crate digging and look past hype.
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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby kalcidis » Sun Aug 04, 2013 2:01 pm

Just to clarify in my post I wasn't referring to just new reggae but reggae in general and new songs for me (even if they might have been released in the 70's or so). I think that the last couple of years has had some very good releases and new takes on the music that was lacking just a few years ago.
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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby Well Charge » Sun Aug 04, 2013 3:20 pm

The thrill goes and comes. If it goes, I leave reggae alone and don't force it, after a while there always comes a day when it blows your mind again. Lately I listen to a lot more ' white' music than i used to since i got into reggae, also a lot of classical music.
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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby dan i dubdub » Sun Aug 04, 2013 7:06 pm

Thanks kalcidis, I think that what I really meant was that I am actually more excited by music coming out now than I have been for a few years. The old music never fails for me but much of the new stuff had been kind of stale for a while.

One of the things that most struck me when I was young about reggae was that there was simply so much of it, and that it had all come from this tiny island. That still staggers me and I know that at the age of 45 I have still only really scratched the surface, that there is still so much that I haven't heard and that i can look forward to.
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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby Mick Sleeper » Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:54 am

Even after being a fan for almost 20 years, I think the thrill is still there for me, simply because there's so much reggae out there. Unlike many people, I'm not stuck in a time warp and so I keep on finding all kinds of new sounds to keep me interested (Dreadsquad, Prince Fatty, Bakery Studio, etc). I think the thrill of collecting has waned for me, since I no longer do a weekly radio show and simply don't have the drive to seek out and collect a lot any more.
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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby Living Bate » Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:01 am

Well Charge wrote:The thrill goes and comes. If it goes, I leave reggae alone and don't force it, after a while there always comes a day when it blows your mind again.

I definitely agree with this.....something always draws me back...

It could be anything.....going to a dance and hearing a tune, the death of a loved one, breaking up with a girl, being bruk pocket, anything....

but like many things in life.....we can take it for granted after a while.....
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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby Skyjuice » Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:51 am

I can relate to all this.... I´ve been buying and collecting on and off (mostly on!!) since 1985-86 when I first heard Black Uhuru´s Dub Factor LP which blew my mind, I had never heard anything like that before.... then the quest began to find out more about this music. The excitement I felt when discovering Burning Spear, King Tubby, Roots Radics, Big Youth, Prince FarI, Yabby You, Augustus Pablo etc. will never come back but I still get excited once in a while when hearing something I´ve never heard before, a heavy bassline or a tough rhythm.... for example the Prince Jamo tune "sheep to the shepherd" was above par when it comes to new tunes. Also Russ D´s recuts of Vivian Jones Flash it and gwan and Third world man made me very happy... I´ve had periods when I haven´t bought any reggae at all. In the early 90´s I dug deep into Hip Hop, Jazz, soul and funk but then I was drawn back into reggae at some point and started to dig deeper into the old 70´s early 80´s stuff which is a well that seems bottomless. Right now I am going through my collection and selling off a lot of the stuff I never listen to which is quite a lot and I don´t buy as much any more either except when I find certain gems I´ve been looking for a long time. I do miss the excitement of putting the needle on Big Youth´s Natty Cultural Dread LP, which I bought just by looking at the cover, not knowing what to expect and then hearing the mighty Wolf in sheeps clothing through my speakers.... wow what a feeling.....
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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby mikus » Mon Aug 05, 2013 11:34 am

I think the live, soundsystem, context is what keeps the energy and interest really alive for me - i cant get enough of a live dance, and wish there were more opportunities to go out and hear the music in the environment for which it was designed. On the whole Im lucky living in London and can get opportunities to do so, but my appetite is still not satisfied!

The thing that excites me is the magic of a session, the sense of unity and upliftment in a dance...the coming together of people under a common message. Music at home and collecting are just an aside to that.
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Re: The Thrill Is Gone

Postby Mark T » Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:35 pm

Music has been a constant, very present fact in my life since at least the age of 12, 38 years ago as revealed in the age thread.
I had all the first four Queen albums by then and loved them.
Reggae has been a passion since about 1977 when my brother gave me Exodus on cassette.

Sure, my interest has waned at times - I was pretty disinterested in reggae about 1982/3 and started listening to jazz. B&F did a lot to revive my interest (I think I first heard their product on Mick Sleeper's show) and then getting a turntable once again boosted my interest in reggae. Been buying original 12" and 7" more recently and as others say there is always something great to find (though you have to weed out a lot of dross).
My ears always perk up when I hear a reggae rhythm and I always get excited when it's a classic rhythm - never get tired of a good Real Rock relick.
There probably is a thrill that happens when we encounter music in our formative teenage years and I doubt we feel that same intensity again - but it can also form passions in us that will last a lifetime. I no longer listen to Queen but reggae and punk which I discovered in my teenage years still excites me.
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