Some interesting new albums

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Some interesting new albums

Postby kalcidis » Mon Apr 01, 2013 3:44 pm

I've been listening to these three albums a bit lately and I enjoy them not only for being different from most of today's productions but they're also very good sets.

Captain Sinbad - Reggae Will Mad Unu (Maximum Sound LP) -- A showcase in a classic style. What's interesting about it is that the productions sound like a worthy update of the early 80's sound and Captain Sinbad himself seems to have no problem at all picking up the microphone after his almost 30 year hiatus from deejaying (the latest release I've heard from him is from 1986 and prior to that I only know of releases from 1983 and back). I'm guessing he probably has released some self produced stuff after that but I can't think of any. None the less. The album is presented in a showcase style and is a thoroughly enjoyable ride.

Wild Belle - Isles (Columbia LP) -- Not a strict reggae album as it ventures into pop and rock territory. At parts the influences from Lily Allen can be heard which is nice since Lily is a great artist! If you don't have any problem with a set that takes influences from not only reggae it could very well become one of those memorable albums from 2013. Songs like »Love Like This«, »June« and »It's Too Late« (which credits Mittoo ... I'm thinking they refer to »Too Late To Turn Back Now« which is a Cornelius Bros and Sister Rose original) have a fresh take on modern reggae. I'm thinking that if this album becomes a hit (backed by Columbia an' 'ting) they'll venture even further away from reggae.

The Lions - This Generation (Stones Throw 8x7") -- You can always count on Peanut Butter Wolf for bringing forth interesting stuff. This album is pretty straight forward reggae with heavy influences of soul. Live musicians doing both original numbers and covers (the cut of Freddie McKay's »Picture on the Wall« is quite worthwhile even though no cover I'm certain can better it). Some of the songs touch up steppers (»Revelations)«, other the typical reggae skank (»Padre Ichiro«) and others try to sound like rub-a-dub in the hands of Junjo or Linval (»More/Higher Ways«). The vocals rarely try to imitate the JA pattan and are more of a contemporary style. The vinyl issue is all singles and features dub cuts which isn't available on the CD issue from what I've understood. »You can't roll no spliff on an mp3«. I would never roll one on a 12" either! :shock:

Also I must say I really enjoy the cover art on the two first sets! Are there any other new albums (which for me could be from even 2012) that are worthwhile to hear for one that is tired of hearing reggae producers treading the same old waters?
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Re: Some interesting new albums

Postby Donovan » Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:54 am

kalcidis wrote:Are there any other new albums (which for me could be from even 2012) that are worthwhile to hear for one that is tired of hearing reggae producers treading the same old waters?

Well, I know U.S. reggae is an acquired taste. But the California 'Big Three' all released new albums last year:

SOJA - Strength to Survive
Rebelution - Peace of Mind
Groundation - Building an Ark

I particularly like the SOJA and Rebelution releases. All available on vinyl with free downloads. Also the new Major Lazer arrives next week if you're that adventurous. :D
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Re: Some interesting new albums

Postby ian » Tue Apr 02, 2013 6:39 am

There's been a couple of good JA reggae albums this year already, which both offer something a little bit different....


Protoje - The 8 Year Affair - Produced by Don Corleon and mixing up roots, hip hop and a bit of lovers too. Stand out tracks include Who Dem A Program, Kingston Be Wise, Black Cinderella etc.


Jah9 - New Name - Produced by Rory Gilligan from Stone Love, this is roots mixed with dub poetry. Stand out tracks include New Name, Avocado, Inner Voice etc
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Re: Some interesting new albums

Postby TruthTown » Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:39 am

Last weeks, I have been listening to some new Ja bands, like Dubtonic Kru, Pentateuch, Roots Underground, Jah9, Raging I wanted to do a special program about new jamaica talents in my radio show.

Raging Fyah: I listened a lot their first album, which has very good songs as "Judgement Day", "Run From Yourself", and some more that I love. Later, I saw them in concert, and had an interview with them: great people & great musicians!!! My favourite nowadays ja reggae band (of all I know...of course) Their 2 new songs from what is going to be their new album with Rory Stone Love are nice too: "Raging Dread" & "Nah Look Back"

Dubtonic Kru make a good dub, and I didnt find no other nowadays reggae band like this, with a lot of brutal dub. They have a "Shine Eye Gal" version in the album which sounds very nice, and other Dub tracks that are marvellous. Anybody knows if there is another dub band like this in Ja??

Pentateuch is more similar to Raging Fyah or Rootz Underground,with more pop or ballads orientated music, but still have some greaaat tunes in their first LP Genesis: for example "Struggles Of Africa" is a Rico's "Africa" version (brutal!!!). In that LP there is another gem (IMHO) called "Kingston" with a GREAT Black Uhuru influence. I love it!!!

Jah9: as someone said, "New Name" a great song!!! Couldnt listen to all the new album yet.

If anyone wants to listen to these tunes, here is the link to the radio show: ... gae-bands/

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Re: Some interesting new albums

Postby sparfly » Tue Apr 02, 2013 8:47 am

Thanks Kalcidis for making me discover the wild belle LP I think it's just amazing !! Love all the influences and the voice is sooo hiigh, just love it !!
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Re: Some interesting new albums

Postby Peter Dalton » Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:21 am

With regards to Captain Sinbad's recording activities over the last couple of years, he had "Jamaica So" released on a Pull Up My Selecta! 7" last year, and "World Wide Rebellion" on a Maximum Sounds 12" in 2011. I haven't seen the Maximum Sounds album yet, so they're possibly both included on it.
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Re: Some interesting new albums

Postby addubba » Thu Apr 04, 2013 11:22 am

speaking of 2013 i must advise this one
showcase style too, vocals + strong dubs... all produced by the man tito himself
...anyway on the tube u can find some low quality uploads, still got to catch my copy for a full review but it seems a strong set

also interesting to know for some of u that French label Soulbeats is isssuing for the first time the whole Groundation discography on double LP sets during all 2013, and for people like me that appreciate them a lot is a terrific news!!

more?? there's a mellow and organic dub album released in plain sleeve by unknown (to me) collective called Standrius... u can check the release details here on discogs ... ..... except track A5 (too much experimental) everything is on tune to please most dub aficionados..........

last year belgian band called Pura Vida released an album with Congo Ashanti Roy which is a total roots killer (IMO), it's called Hard Road : i did upload title track on the tube some weeks ago.... MUST BUY for all vintage roots lovers, as much as their previous album with the congos.....
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