Yabby You Meets Tommy McCook in Dub (Sounds of 70s)

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Re: Yabby You Meets Tommy McCook in Dub (Sounds of 70s)

Postby dudley one » Thu Jan 02, 2014 12:55 am

Bought the CD in the late 90's, stricly instrumental. Good one.
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Re: Yabby You Meets Tommy McCook in Dub (Sounds of 70s)

Postby Peacemakeya » Fri Feb 14, 2014 4:08 am

Greetings in the Moonlight - Roots Reggae Lovers

Mi was one of the team responsible for this release (Peacemaker Records) so will comment, but first a Yabby You update.

The soon come new Shanachie release: “The Yabby You Story” has been expanded from a 2 CD Longbox (with extensive booklet insert) to a 3 CD package with many rare and unreleased Yabby songs, coming with full sonics direct off the studio master tapes. This Shanachie release will include a portion of never-yet-heard unreleased young Yabby - from early in his career, and also a heap of reggae veterans that Yabby produced. At this time, not exactly sure the lineup Shanachie is going to fly with, but been hearing never released songs by: Half Pint as a yute just starting to find his adult voice, Trinity, Willi Williams, Curtis Prophet, Michael Prophet etc.

Regarding the questions on this thread about the ‘Yabby You meets Tommy McCook – In Dub – Sounds of the 70’s’. Some asked is this really a dub album because it sounds more straight up instrumental. Yabby called this album ‘In Dub’ because it reflects that era of early reggae when dub was just emerging - before it evolve into what became modern dub with effects, delays, loops, drop-ins, cut-outs and acapellas.

When we released this Yabby/Tommy CD there was nuff material for a ‘Chapter 2’ and we intentionally held in reserve some of the hit songs for this Chapter 2 --- so expect to see the Yabby/Tommy ‘Chapter 2’ release when the time is right – most likely on another label as Peacemaker taking a sabbatical from that for now. Also, reminding those of interest, there is a complete never-released album in the archives titled: “Yabby You meets Jackie Mittoo – The Last Dub” ... Yabby spoke about this one as someting very very special ... like it the “Lost Holy Grail” from the Golden Age of Roots Reggae.

A bit about this Yabby/Tommy album. Many of the Yabby (and other vintage artist) re-releases from that era have been transferred from limited edition vinyl via computer programs to smooth out the snap-crackle-pop inherent to all vinyl records. Regardless of how well the vinyl has been preserved, these releases can not carry the full sonic fidelity as direct transfer from studio multi-track tape; But, IMO those releases still positive because some historical preservation is better than no historical preservation at all & some of these tracks were only released in very small runs - sometimes a run of lest than fifty 7 inch.

This Yabby/Tommy release we speaking of, and the forthcoming Shanachie 3CD longbox release ‘The Yabby You Story’, carry the sonic fullness because they come directly off archived studio tapes.

When Yabby put these studio tape archives in our hands (circa late 80’s), we did not have any vintage reel to reel machine but mysteriously, right after Yabby put the tapes in our care, a machine was gifted to us. Doing the transfers was a tale to itself. The tapes had sat long time in the environment of Jamaican high heat and humidity which causes premature aging. The outer surface of the pancake acetate tapes were noticeably corroded with greenish brown cruds of mineralization. Audio gurus speak of baking these tapes a certain way before transferring, but we went with the advice of an intuitive audio recording scientist who suggested otherwise.

He said: “just run them – but you will only have one chance to do it right because the process of running the tapes will destroy them.” So we took the time to deduce the best routing thru our Soundcraft Spirit 24/12 mixing board, outboard tube EQ and A2D peripherals etc. for transfer to DAT – and then let them roll in such a way that we were ready to immediately dial-in the levels, EQ and forward/rear/center/side-fi-side placements - right from the get-go. As the tapes ran, a noticeable cloud of dust formed over the machine so we stopped the transfers between each track and vacuumed the tape machine and cleaned the heads.

Till next time - Fear Not and be of good cheer … the Angel of God is with us … regardless the trials and tribulations in this time … every likkle ting gunna be alright in the end and if it ain’t alright … it ain’t the end yet in this iration without end.
Bring Peace – Spread Love
Alex Peacemaker
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Re: Yabby You Meets Tommy McCook in Dub (Sounds of 70s)

Postby Congo Bunny » Fri Feb 14, 2014 8:09 am

Fantastic stuff Alex, tell us more ! I will buy every bit of Yabby You anyone releases
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Re: Yabby You Meets Tommy McCook in Dub (Sounds of 70s)

Postby skunkride » Sat Feb 15, 2014 1:08 pm

Thanks for the info & history Alex, the Yabby/Tommy release sounds very nice indeed.

The Shanachie set sounds fascinating - is there a chance to see at least some of it (maybe the unreleased material) released on vinyl ?
I believe that today there are much more reggae fans who buy vinyl than people who buy CD which is a dying format.
Maybe Shanachie could license the material to other company for a vinyl release ? Thats an important point & should be considered, i'm sure many people will agree...
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