King Edwards Discography

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King Edwards Discography

Postby nickbug » Mon Feb 07, 2005 1:10 pm

Anyone know if there is some sort of online discography of all the King Edwards stuff? I love everything I have.

I have half a dozen King Edward revive 7" I bought a few years ago and would really like to fill in the gaps. I bought them from Honest Jons but obviously he has now closed. I'm having trouble finding someone in the UK who has them in stock. Can anyone help please?

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Postby morevest » Mon Feb 07, 2005 1:51 pm

You may know but you will find a nice selection King Edwards at Ernie B:

It is in US but I guess you will have them within 3 - 7 days if you order from UK.

Hope it helps..
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Postby lance973 » Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:01 pm

hi nick,
you are right king edwards is top ska, it's hard to find items you can pick up at least 5 repress lp (man about ska town,scandal and don't remenber the other name).What i can say is that you must pick up them for shenley duffus, the upsetters (not perry band) bobby aitken, monty morris and many more.
You can also find some originals on 45 but the cost is really expensive.
Some years ago i order my items from a top rank collector-seller in Uk.
it make me remind that when i bought those lp,a collection of bobby aitken ska singles was compiled on a lp presses at 500 copies (i miss that one and never seen it nor heard about since) so if you find some don't sleep take them straight.
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Postby tim p » Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:29 pm

Here are the two original labels that most King Edwards stuff was released on. He released plenty of great Ska tunes though the top pick has to be the original cut of Shan Kei Shek by Baba Brooks.


tim p
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Postby Anonymous » Mon Feb 07, 2005 3:37 pm

Brian @ Icicle was selling quite a few represses of King Edwards stuff on seven, Higgs and Wilson, Skatalites, the Original Upsetters, Bab Brooks etc. e-mail me if you require some contact for him. If you dont know Icicle, they are a collectors list and mail order mainly but do some very nice Upsetter, Studio One repressings and various other bits and bobs. You can also get some nice King Edwards material on Lp.

Postby Jackie Pablo » Mon Feb 07, 2005 4:57 pm

I think there were 11 or 12 x 7" repressed on King Edwards over the past couple of years - enough to make up a great Ska Singles Box set!

Jazz Ska - Roland Alphonso - KE 001 A
Jonah (The Master) - Lloyd Briscoe - KE 001 B

Dr No - Baba Brooks - KE 002 A
Had A Dream - Lord Tanamo - KE 002 B

Shank I Sheck - Baba Brooks - KE 003 A
Skandalising - Original Upsetters (Justin Hinds) - KE 003 B

Shuffle Duck - Roland Alphonso - KE 004 A
Love Not For Me - Higgs & Wilson - KE 004 B

Jones Town Special - Upcoming Willows [The Skatalites] KE 005 A
Ungodly People - Eric Morris - KE 005 B

Red China - Upcoming Willows [The Skatalites] - KE 006 A
Suddenly - Eric Morris - KE 006 B

Musical Workshop - Baba Brooks - KE 007 A
Jericho - Bobby Aitken - KE 007 B

Bus Strike - Baba Brooks - KE 008 A
Mr Judge - Bobby Aitken - KE 008 B

Lon Chaney - Sir Lord Comic & The Skatalites - KE 012 A
Country Girl - Original Upsetters - KE 012 B

Two more from Ernie's list (unknown numbers):
Man About Town - Skatalites
Love Can Make A Man - Eric Morris

Lunch Time - Skatalites
Gone Is Yesterday - Higgs & Wilson
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Postby ian » Mon Feb 07, 2005 6:05 pm

Honest Jon's has closed?!? I haven't been over that part of town for a while but I didn't know this....are you sure?

btw, those King Edwards re-presses, very nice!
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Postby Anonymous » Mon Feb 07, 2005 6:19 pm

Probably means Bob Brooks/Reggae Revive. He's closed the shop but is still selling tunes at



Postby Anonymous » Mon Feb 07, 2005 6:22 pm

There were two CDs around a while ago called King Of Ska vols 1&2 which collected together the four King Edwards compilations that were released through Brian Harris back in the late 80s.

There's also a recent release which I have(bought this time last year) called Chuka Chup - Four Seasons Ska. This one should still be around.

There's still lots more that hasn't been released, King Edwards was only active for a few years but was a very busy man and I reckon there has to be enough material for at least another 3 or 4 albums.



Postby ian » Mon Feb 07, 2005 6:28 pm

Ah yes, Reggae Revive of course, I did think he might have meant Daddy Kool. Damn, too many nice shops closing down, shopping on the net just ain't the same... :(
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Postby Anonymous » Mon Feb 07, 2005 6:37 pm

Here's what I've bought in the last couple of years, so these at least are 'out there ' to find.

7" Single Baba Brooks bus strike King Edwards ke 008 a1
7" Single Baba Brooks King Edwards ke 002 a1
7" Single Baba Brooks musical workshop King Edwards ke 007 a1
7" Single Baba Brooks shank i shek King Edwards ke 003 a1
7" Single Bobby Aitken jericho King Edwards ke 007 b1
7" Single Bobby Aitken mr. judge King Edwards ke 008 b1
7" Single Eric Morris Love can make A man King Edwards ke 011 b1
7" Single Eric Morris suddenly King Edwards ke 006 b1
7" Single Eric Morris ungodly Peole King Edwards ke 005 b1
7" Single Higgs and Wilson Love not For me King Edwards ke 004 b1
7" Single Lloyd Briscoe jonah (the master) King Edwards ke 001 b1
7" Single Lord Tanamo i had A dream King Edwards ke 002 b1
7" Single Original Upsetters country Girl King Edwards ke 012 b1
7" Single Original Upsetters scandalising King Edwards ke 003 b1
7" Single Roland Alphonso jazz ska King Edwards ke 001 a1
7" Single Roland Alphonso shuffle duck King Edwards ke 004 a1
7" Single Shenely Duffus I'm A lonely boy King Edwards ke 009 b1
7" Single Sir Lord Comic & the Skatalites lon chaney King Edwards ke 012 a1
7" Single Skatalites jones town special King Edwards ke 005 a1
7" Single Skatalites lunchtime King Edwards ke 010 a1
7" Single Skatalites man about town King Edwards ke 011 a1
7" Single Skatalites red china King Edwards ke 006 a1
7" Single Skatalites what A skandal King Edwards ke 009 a1
Lp Various ska-lutations King Edwards kelp 3 a1\b1

Postby mike turner » Tue Feb 08, 2005 4:38 am

I'm quite surprised at the size of his discography (we list 214 titles). Except for Shenk I Sheck I rarely came across his records in Jamaica. An obscure guy, all I know about him is that he was related to Duke Reid. This list is probably full of errors, for example I'm sure many of the instrumentals came out with different credits in JA and in the UK. And some of the stuff, like the Laurel Aitken material may not have been King Edwards at all. Anything we list without a JA stamper is suspect. I also wonder about some of these artists. WHo was Duke White? Ransford Barnett? Lunan?

Here's what RKR has come up with. As always, additions and corrections are welcome.

Aitken, Bobby Devil Woman King Edwards FHY 2371 Rio R 011-B

Aitken, Bobby Garden Of Eden King Edwards ER 21 Rio R 040-A

Aitken, Bobby Hundred Times King Edwards pre ED Hundred Times

Aitken, Bobby It Takes A Friend King Edwards HY 2363 Rio R 015-A

Aitken, Bobby I've Told You King Edwards Rio R 014-A

Aitken, Bobby Jericho Giant Wirl EDW - Jericho Black Swan WI 441-A

Aitken, Bobby Just A Matter Of Time Giant ED Just A Matter Of Time

Aitken, Bobby Little Girl Of My Dreams King Edwards pre Edwards 45 Rio R 050-A

Aitken, Bobby Lonely Boy King Edwards Island WI 028-B

Aitken, Bobby Mister Judge King Edwards Rio R 064-A

Aitken, Bobby Please Go Back King Edwards Rio R 014-B

Aitken, Bobby Rain Came Tumbling Down, The King Edwards Rio R 052-B

Aitken, Bobby Together King Edwards Edwards 44 Rio R 050-B

Aitken, Bobby Whiplash
King Edwards ER 14 Rio R 040-B
Aitken, Bobby & Patsy Baby Baby King Edwards Island WI 028-A

Aitken, Laurel Adam & Eve Giant Wirl ED 3 Adam & Eve Rio R 011-A

Aitken, Laurel Bad Minded Woman King Edwards Rio R 13-A

Aitken, Laurel Bagaboo (Bug-A-Boo) Giant FG 772-B Rio R 36-A

Aitken, Laurel Bagaboo (Bug-A-Boo) Giant DEV JN 3-A

Aitken, Laurel Come & Let Us Go King Edwards Rio R 060-A

Aitken, Laurel Darling Darling Giant
Aitken, Laurel Devil Or Angel King Edwards Rio R 017-A

Aitken, Laurel Fire King Edwards Rio R 017-B

Aitken, Laurel Freedom Train King Edwards Rio R 018-A

Aitken, Laurel Hometown King Edwards Rio R 012-B

Aitken, Laurel How Can I Forget You Venus Rio R 091-A

Aitken, Laurel I Believe King Edwards Rio R 053-B

Aitken, Laurel I Can't Stand It Giant RIO 54-B-2 Rio R 065-B

Aitken, Laurel I Remember Giant FG 772-A

Aitken, Laurel Indeed I Love You Giant Wirl R 65-A WI Rio R 65-A

Aitken, Laurel I've Been Weeping & Crying Venus Rio R 91-B

Aitken, Laurel Jericho King Edwards Rio R 037-B

Aitken, Laurel John Saw Them Coming King Edwards Rio R 037-A

Aitken, Laurel Jump & Shout King Edwards Rio R 054-B

Aitken, Laurel Life King Edwards Rio R 13-B

Aitken, Laurel Madame Serase King Edwards Wirl GE 1042

Aitken, Laurel Mary Don't You Weep (Mary) King Edwards Fe 2285 Rio R 12-A

Aitken, Laurel Mule, The King Edwards Rio R 35-B

Aitken, Laurel One More Time King Edwards Rio R 56-A

Aitken, Laurel Perfect Peace King Edwards Rio R 18-B

Aitken, Laurel Ring Don't Mean A Thing King Edwards Rio R 56-B

Aitken, Laurel Rock Of Ages King Edwards Rio R 35-A

Aitken, Laurel Seven Lonely Nights King Edwards Rio R 60-B

Aitken, Laurel Sunshine King Edwards Rio R 15-B

Aitken, Laurel Walk The Street Of Glory (Streets Of Glory) Giant Wirl GE 1041 Rio R 97-B

Aitken, Laurel We Shall Overcome Giant BB 3920 Rio R 97-A

Aitken, Laurel You Left Me Standing Giant BB 3941 Rio R 36-B

Alphonso, Roland Hucklebuck King Edwards Rio R 44-B

Alphonso, Roland Jazz Ska King Edwards Rio R 58-A

Alphonso, Roland Shuffle Duck King Edwards KE 004-A-1

Andy & Clyde [Reuben Anderson] I'm So Lonesome King Edwards Rio R 069-A

Andy & Clyde [Reuben Anderson] Magic Is Love King Edwards FGE 6505 Rio R 062-B

Andy & Clyde [Reuben Anderson] Never Be A Slave King Edwards FGE 6506 Rio R 062-A

Andy & Clyde [Reuben Anderson] Scandalizing King Edwards FGE 6725 Rio R 071-B

Andy & Clyde [Reuben Anderson] We All Have To Part King Edwards Rio R 071-A

Barnett, Ransford Children Go To School King Edwards pre FE 2349-2

Barnett, Ransford Hey Girl (Hey Baby) King Edwards FE 2317 Island WI 087-A

Barnett, Ransford My Papa King Edwards FE 2398
Barnett, Ransford Oh Mary King Edwards 45 0 10064 Island WI 040-B

Barnett, Ransford Skies Are Grey (Stormy Weather) King Edwards FE 2318 Island WI 087-B

Barnett, Ransford Sligoville Town King Edwards FE 2397

Beckford, Theophilus Bringing In The Sheaves King Edwards 45 0 9971 WI 037 Blue Beat BB 132-A

Beckford, Theophilus King Is Here To Stay, The King Edwards FE 2217-3

Beckford, Theophilus Seven Long Years King Edwards Island WI 026-B

Beckford, Theophilus & Yvonne Run Away King Edwards 45 0 9972 WI 037 Blue Beat BB 132-B

Binz Times Have Changed King Edwards Rio R 64-B

Blues Blenders Girl Next Door King Edwards Rio R 093-A

Blues Blenders I'm Not Going Back King Edwards FGE 6892 Rio R 082-A

Blues Blenders Leave Me Out King Edwards Rio R 093-B

Brooks, Baba Bus Strike Giant Black Swan WI 444-A

Brooks, Baba Dr. No King Edwards Edwards 41 Rio (asEdwards Group) R 33-B

Brooks, Baba Shenk I Sheck King Edwards FGE 6440 Rio R 061-A

Brooks, Baba & Upcoming Willow Musical Workshop King Edwards pre ER 5 Black Swan WI 442-A

Brown Combo, Vic Robert E Lee Rio R 07-B

Brown Combo, Vic Swanee River Rio R 07-A

Brown, Hyacinth Oh Gee King Edwards Rio R 058-B

Brown, Kent & Dimples Day Is Done King Edwards 45 0 10058 Island WI 046-A

Brown, Kent & Dimples Linger Awhile King Edwards 45 0 10059 Island WI 046-B

Bryan, Karl Hercules Giant

Campbell, Cornell Gloria King Edwards Rio R 038-A

Campbell, Cornell I'll Be True King Edwards Rio R 038-B

Charmers Try Me One More Time Giant Rio R 052-B (2)

Charmers Where Do I Turn King Edwards FGE 6586 Rio R 57-B

Charmers You Don't Know Giant Rio R 078-A

Clarke, Lloyd A Penny King Edwards Rio R 023-B

Clarke, Lloyd Colly Rock (Badness) King Edwards FE 106
Clarke, Lloyd Count 5 Drop Dead King Edwards FE 101
Clarke, Lloyd Easy Street King Edwards FE 105
Clarke, Lloyd Fellow Jamaican King Edwards Rio R 024-A

Clarke, Lloyd Half As Much King Edwards Rio R 016-B

Clarke, Lloyd Love Me King Edwards Rio R 016-A

Clarke, Lloyd People's Money King Edwards pre FE 2388

Clarke, Lloyd Prince & The Pauper King Edwards pre FE 2387

Clarke, Lloyd Stop Your Talking King Edwards Wirl ED 2 Rio R 23-A

Clarke, Lloyd Thrill Me King Edwards HY 2364

Cole, Stranger & Patsy Fire In Cornfield King Edwards Rio R 081-B

Cole, Stranger & Patsy Give Me One More Chance King Edwards Rio R 81-A

Cosmo, Frank & Denzil Dennis Bed Of Roses King Edwards Blue Beat BB 145-A

Cosmo, Frank & Denzil Dennis Tonight & Evermore King Edwards Blue Beat BB 145-B

Count Smith Dip Them Bedward King Edwards pre 2476-10-A

Doctor Annetta King Edwards 45 0 10060
Dotty & Bonny I'm So Glad King Edwards FE 6145 Rio R 43-B

Douglas Brothers Down & Out King Edwards FGE 6473 Rio R 63-A

Douglas Brothers Got You On My Mind Gay Feet Edwards 51 Rio R 043-A

Douglas Brothers Valley Of Tears King Edwards Rio R 57-A

Douglas Brothers You're Mine King Edwards 45 0 10063 Island (as King Edwards) WI 047-B

Douglas Brothers (Brook Bros.) How Many Times King Edwards FGE 6474 Rio R 59-B

Douglas Brothers (Brook Bros.) I'm Free King Edwards FGE 6206 Rio R 59-A

Drummond, Don African Queen King Edwards FGE 6894 Rio R 82-B

Duffus, Shenley A Man Among Men King Edwards ER 15
Duffus, Shenley Babrak (Prince & Jest) King Edwards ER 1
Duffus, Shenley Bad Dogs King Edwards FE 2344
Duffus, Shenley Bet You Don't Know King Edwards FE 2314 Island WI 076-A

Duffus, Shenley Crucifixion Day King Edwards ED Crucification Black Swan WI 443-B

Duffus, Shenley Digging A Ditch King Edwards ER 18 Black Swan WI 440-A

Duffus, Shenley Early In The Morning King Edwards FE 2345

Duffus, Shenley Gather Them In King Edwards ED GatherThemIn Black Swan WI 443-A

Duffus, Shenley Have Mercy King Edwards ER 2
Duffus, Shenley Hear I So King Edwards RIO 41-B Rio R 41-B

Duffus, Shenley He's Coming Down King Edwards ER 17 Black Swan WI 440-B

Duffus, Shenley I Will Be Glad King Edwards RIO 41-A Rio R 41-A

Duffus, Shenley I'm A Lonely Boy King Edwards Blue Beat (as Country Boy) BB 236-A

Duffus, Shenley Khaki Pants (Rukumbine) King Edwards 2476-17A Island WI 186-A

Duffus, Shenley Khaki Pants (Rukumbine) King Edwards FGE 6017

Duffus, Shenley La La La King Edwards ED 57 Island WI 182-B

Duffus, Shenley One Morning King Edwards 2476-11A Island WI 186-B

Duffus, Shenley One Morning King Edwards FGE 6018

Duffus, Shenley Stumbling Block King Edwards

Duffus, Shenley Three Times Seven King Edwards FE 2313 Island WI 076-B

Duffus, Shenley When I Was Down King Edwards ER 13
Duffus, Shenley You Are Mine King Edwards EDW 56 Island WI 184-A

Duffus, Shenley & Annette Clarke Now You're Gone King Edwards Blue Beat (as Theo & Yvonne) BB 287-B

Duffus, Shenley & C Brown No Body Know King Edwards FGE 6438

Duffus, Shenley & Hyacinth Set Me Free King Edwards Rio R 61-B

Duffus, Shenley & Hyacinth World On A Wheel King Edwards Rio R 80-A

Duffus, Shenley & Lunan Something Is On My Mind King Edwards FGE 6373-A Rio R 52-A

Folkes, Calvin & Vic Brown Combo Kentucky Home blank Rio R 005-B

Folkes, Calvin & Vic Brown Combo Someone (Someone Will Worry Over Me) blank Rio R 005-A

Gabbidon, Basil Get On The Ball King Edwards Island WI 089-B

Gabbidon, Basil St. Louis Woman King Edwards Island WI 089-A

Gray, Owen Baby I Know Giant RIO 74-B Venus

Gray, Owen Big Mabel King Edwards FE 2024 Blue Beat BB 147-A

Gray, Owen Don't Come Knocking King Edwards FE 2025 Blue Beat BB 147-B

Gray, Owen Girl I Want You King Edwards Rio R 73-B

Gray, Owen Too Many Heartaches Giant RIO 74-A Venus

Harper, Raymond Yellow Bird King Edwards 45 0 10061
Higgs & Wilson First On The Air King Edwards

King Edwards All Stars Blue Night King Edwards Rio R 45-B

King Edwards All Stars He's Gone Ska King Edwards Rio R 032-A

King Edwards Group Dear Hearts King Edwards pre 45 0 10065 Island WI 040-A

King Edwards Group Four Seasons Of The Year King Edwards FGE 6726

King Edwards Group I Don't Want You King Edwards Island WI 026-A

King Edwards Group Iron Curtain King Edwards Rio (as Patrick) R 46-A

King Edwards Group Kingston 11 King Edwards Rio R 77-B

King Edwards Group Lonely Road King Edwards FE 6144

King Edwards Group Mr. Bunny King Edwards FE 2139
King Edwards Group North Coast King Edwards Rio R 77-A

King Edwards Group Pipeline King Edwards Rio R 79-B

King Edwards Group Russian Roulette King Edwards 45 0 10062 Island WI 047-A

Lord Briscoe Fabulous Eyes King Edwards RIO 42-A Rio R 42-A

Lord Briscoe Jonah The Master King Edwards 2476-12A Island WI 187-A

Lord Briscoe Jonah The Master King Edwards pre FGE 6019

Lord Briscoe Mr. Cleveland King Edwards 2476-18A Island WI 187-B

Lord Briscoe Mr. Cleveland King Edwards pre FGE 6020

Lord Briscoe What You See King Edwards RIO 42-B Rio R 42-B

Lord Creator (as Ken Patrick) Easy To Remember King Edwards Rio R 46-B

Lunan, George (as Little George) Mary Ann King Edwards Rio R 45-A

Lunan, George (as Little Lunan) Musical Train (Hurry Hurry) King Edwards Rio 44-B Rio R 44-A

Morris, Eric Monty By The Sea King Edwards Rio R 072-A

Morris, Eric Monty Home Sweet Home Giant Black Swan WI 445-A

Morris, Eric Monty I Wasn't Around King Edwards Rio R 72-B

Morris, Eric Monty Just Live (Little District) King Edwards FSC 3033 Rio R 039-B

Morris, Eric Monty Live As A Man Giant Edwards 54 Rio R 48-A

Morris, Eric Monty Love Can Break A Man Giant EDW 52 Blue Beat BB 218-A

Morris, Eric Monty Man Of Wisdom Giant Edwards 43
Morris, Eric Monty Man Will Rule Giant Rio R 48-B

Morris, Eric Monty Many Long Years Giant Island WI 185-B

Morris, Eric Monty River Come Down Giant ED RiverComeDown Black Swan WI 439-A

Morris, Eric Monty Robin Hood Giant
Morris, Eric Monty Seek & You'll Find Giant ED 019 Black Swan WI 439-B

Morris, Eric Monty Suddenly King Edwards Island WI 185-A

Morris, Eric Monty True & Just King Edwards FSC 3032 Rio R 039-A

Morris, Eric Monty Ungodly People (Worried) King Edwards Edw 53 Island WI 183-B

Panton, Roy John Payne (You Don't Know Me) Giant Edwards 49 Rio R 33-A

Panton, Roy Winner, The King Edwards

Panton, Roy & Cornel Campbell (as Bellstars) Sweetest Girl Giant ER 3 Rio (as Cornell & Roy) R 078-B

Panton, Roy & Cornel Campbell (as Bellstars) When I Feel So Lonely Giant ED 4 Rio R 047-A

Panton, Roy & Cornel Campbell (as Bellstars) You're So Sweet Giant ER 4

Panton, Roy & Cornel Campbell (as Bellstars) You're The Girl Giant ER 19 Rio R 47-B

Panton, Roy & Cornell Campbell Salvation Giant ER 21 Rio R 80-B

Patrick & George My Love King Edwards Rio R 24-B

Rodrigues, Rico & Lester Sterling Edwards Boogie (Picadilly Shuffle) King Edwards FE 102

Samuels, Winston I'm In Love Rio R 04-B

Schoolboys He Gave You To Me King Edwards Island WI 082-A

Schoolboys Kings, Priests & Prophets King Edwards Island (as Edwards Group) WI 082-B

Skatalites Lunch Time King Edwards
Sterling, Lester 64 Special Giant Black Swan WI 445-B

Sterling, Lester George Is Back Giant ER 10

Sterling, Lester Lunchtime Giant Wirl ER 22 Lunchtime Black Swan WI 441-B

Stewart, Winston (Delano) Day After Day King Edwards Rio R 69-B

Survivors (ska group) Rawhide King Edwards Rio R 73-A

White, Duke Be Wise King Edwards ER 16 Black Swan WI 442-B

White, Duke Behold I Rule King Edwards Wirl EDU Jericho

White, Duke Dig My Jive King Edwards ER 4
White, Duke Forever King Edwards ER 12 Island WI 084-B

White, Duke It's Me King Edwards FE 2138

White, Duke It's Over King Edwards Island WI 084-A

White, Duke Sow Good Seeds Giant Black Swan WI 444-B

Wilson, Ron (as Upcoming Willows) Jones Town Special King Edwards Ed 58 Island WI 182-A

Wilson, Ron (as Upcoming Willows) Lon Chaney King Edwards FGE 6666

Wilson, Ron (as Upcoming Willows) Lonely Man King Edwards FGE 6504 Rio R 63-B

Wilson, Ron (as Upcoming Willows) Prime Minister's State King Edwards FGE 6587

Wilson, Ron (as Upcoming Willows) Red China King Edwards Island WI 184-B
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Postby nickbug » Tue Feb 08, 2005 9:00 am

This amazing. Thanks to all. I've obviously got loads of stuff to try to find. I've got a couple of the albums Brian released and half a dozen of the re-issue seven inchers -- all lovely stuff. I guess I'd forgotten about Brian at Icicle. Get so damn used to ordering stuff online and I don't think he has a website. I will have to send for a list.

My mistake about Honest Jons -- don't know where my head was when I posted that. I did mean Daddy Cool which I used to try to get to whenever I was in London and had some spare time.

I can see I'm going to have to invest in RKR.

Thanks again.

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Postby Zapatoo_the_Tiger » Tue Feb 08, 2005 9:38 am

gordon wrote:There were two CDs around a while ago called King Of Ska vols 1&2 which collected together the four King Edwards compilations that were released through Brian Harris back in the late 80s.
I've only found volume 2 so far (and that was in Germany in Cologne) - this one includes 2 14-track albums "Man About Ska Town" and "Ska-Lutations From King Edwards". The re-mastering isn't brilliant, but since I'm not into the nth. degree of sound quality, it's OK. Tracks are (with "dodgy" years):

Tracks from "Ska-Lutations from King Edwards":1. Baba Brooks - Dr. No - 1964
2. Little Lunan - Hurry Hurry - 1964
3. Winston 'Delano' Stewart - Day After Day - 1965
4. Bobby Aitken - Jericho - 1964
5. Ronald Wilson & Roland Alphonso - Pipeline - 1965
6. Shenley Duffus - Stumblin' Block - 1964
7. Andy & Clyde - You're Mine - 1963
8. Lester Sterling O.D. - 64 Special - 1964
9. Lloyd Briscoe - What You See - 1964
10. Shenley Duffus - One Morning - 1965
11. Eric 'Monty' Morris - Many Long Years - 1965
12. Duke White - Be Wise - 1964
13. Lloyd Clarke - Fellow Jamaican - 1964
14. Bobby Aitken - Set Me Free - 1965

Tracks from "Man About Ska Town":
15. Lester Sterling O.D. - Man About Town - 1964
16. Bobby Aitken - Little Girl - 1964
17. Douglas Brothers - Down And Out - 1965
18. Eric 'Monty' Morris - Love Can Make A Man - 1965
19. Blues Blenders - Girl Next Door, The - 1965
20. Duke White - You Are Mine - 1965
21. Andy & Clyde - Never Be A Slave - 1965
22. Lloyd Briscoe - Mr. Cleveland - 1965
23. Ronald Wilson & Roland Alphonso - Kingston 11 - 1966
24. Roy Panton & Cornell Campbell - Sweetest Girl - 1966
25. Shenley Duffus - La La La - 1965
26. Patrick & Edwards' Allstars - Easy To Remember - 1964
27. Andy & Clyde - Lonesome - 1965
28. Cornell Campbell - Gloria - 1964
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Postby Jackie Pablo » Tue Feb 08, 2005 12:04 pm

Roland Alphonso's 'Shuffle Duck' is based on a tune aka 'Hucklebuck'. Maybe it's the same track here with a different title? ‘Shuffle Duck’ itself is a Ska cut of Charlie Parker’s classic ‘Now’s The Time’ taken from the Verve LP of the same name (1952/3).

Concerning 'Scandalising' - it's down on UK press as The Upsetters (original) and the vocalist sounds like it is Justin Hinds. I don't know about Andy & Clyde (Reuben Anderson) but Andy (Reuben Anderson) & Joey (Joanne Dennis) recorded several Ska sides for Coxsone as well, so that could be right.

The question is, do Andy & Clyde sound like Justin Hinds on the discs you have?

Some more info on the King Edwards 'Upsetters' on this one from the Trojan forum: ... php?t=1126
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