To those who remember .....just a reminder...

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To those who remember .....just a reminder...

Postby Mario 2 » Sat Jan 22, 2005 6:06 pm

To those of you who remember the very early 80's in Flash Forward, Shaka dances in the early 80's, Mark and Tony from Muswell Hill ( now mark coppocci's Real Eyes ) , Gary from Archway, and of course, Quaffs in stroud green rd,green lanes roots store, AND....

Bernard from Popbeat in the basment below Flash Forward.... well, you may remember Bernard commited suicide after being driven out of his basment in Camden Town -- last time I saw him, he told me some young guys had threatened to litterally, burn him to the ground, and returned regularly to threaten him....he had a little store off totenham ct road, and told me he had had to give up selling rare reggae as a result of further threats from young "bad men, " so he just sold rare groove funk, 60's garage and obscure jazz....

Anyway, Russ D mentioned he'd left this mortal coil, and I just found this epitaph on Reinforced website...

"bernard of the legendary funk 7"basment popbeat.of
camden sadly passed away recently.
popbeat .popbeat was a regular haunt
of the likes a 14 year old of charlie dark,
norman jay ,the creaters ,demus, the young
disciples ,ig culture roy ,the roach 2 ,
keb darge ,kirsten the funky fly ,and the notorious
ratchet,des parkes
to name a few ." ( Reinforced records website )

And i found another, from two banks of four DJ's website ----

Lost Legends. - 9th May 2004
This week saw two enormous figures from my own musical history leave this mortal coil in the deaths of Clement Sir Coxsone Dodd and Bernard from Popbeat (I never did know his surname but by god his unorthodox psychoanalytic retail manner produced much more than just a collection of rare groove 7s).

I am posting some Studio 1 champion bubblers which I had to draw for on a cool evening in order to celebrate both gentlemen.

Nice up the Dance .... Michigan and Smiley
You'll get your pay .... Linton Cooper
Push Push .... Lloyd and Devon
Last Call .... Don Drummond
Addis Ababa ..... Willie Williams
Blues For I ..... Tommy McCook
Give Love a Try ..... Barry Brown
Natty Don't Go .....Cornell Campbell
Ain't No Sunshine ......Horace Andy
Rastaman Camp ......Freddie MacGregor
Imperial I/Door Peeper..Prince Jazzbo/Burning Spear
Conscious Radio .....Rebel Souls
Dreamland ......The Wailers
Going to Zion ........Winston Francis
Truths and rights .......Johnny Osbourne
School Children ........Black Brothers
Africa ......The Gaylads

Long live the legacy of Brentford road "

And Bernard, rest in peace -- I am sure Russ Disciples, Dougie and probably, Steve Warrior remember poor old Bernard well -- a man that guided many of us in the late 70's/early 80's onto the path of good tunes...
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