Sound system in London questions....

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Sound system in London questions....

Postby JM » Tue Jan 18, 2005 9:12 am

Greetings B&F massives!

I'll be in London next week for 3 days (27-29 january) and I wanted to ask you where to go on the evening...
I already planed to go to JAH SHAKA Sound system on the 28th of course...... :D

I m lookin for something on the thursday, like a roots/ dub sound system
I ve found a few events on .... like "SPIRITUAL ONENESS" "A night of roots and culture music. The handsworth ghetto dub sound of king earthquake in session. Each and every one invited to attend and come and rock to the roots music"

is it in London? :lol:
HAve you ever been there?? Kiing Earthquake sound from Birmingham?Or do you have any other idea where to go?

Need your advices ;)
thanks a lot in advance!
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Postby Olli Dublifter » Tue Jan 18, 2005 9:42 am

Yes JM,

Spiritual Oneness event is not in London, but in Birmingham, I suppose. King Earthquake is a heavyweight sound from there. Actually it must be one of the heaviest sounds I have ever heard... They are playing in London on 4th Feb @ Brixton Recreation Centre.

For thursday 27th, I don't if there is much going on soundwise that night. Manasseh & Brother Culture are playing monthly Thursday sessions, but January session is going to be already this week. Mighty Tabot is also playing some thursdays in Shoreditch, and Abashanti has been playing every other thursday in Brighton (which is not so far from London). Once again, I am not sure if either one is playing on 27th.

There is also a free reggae night every thursday in a place called Telegraph, in Brixton. But that is not exactly roots sound system style, I am afraid. Anyway, I let you know if I hear of anything...
Olli Dublifter
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Postby JM » Thu Jan 20, 2005 8:30 am

Ok thanks a lot Dublifter ;)

I'll ask Humble Lion for the Shanti session.....

otherwise i'll go sleep early to be ready for steppin all night long at Shaka :lol:

any other idea?
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