Rita Marley to exhume Bob Marley's Body in JA

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Postby jb welda » Fri Jan 14, 2005 6:19 pm

yeah dots, time marches on, for better or for worse.

that youth who showed me and my friends around, he took us to all the usual spots like the stone that was bobs pillow and bunnys house etc but also we hiked around the surrounding hills for a couple hours, took us to their community herb field, all that sort of thing. before we left i asked if he would like us to send him anything from the states. i expected him to ask me to send a boom box or some music or clothes or something. instead he asked to send an american flag (!!!). so when i got home i did just that, and he sent back a photo of it hanging from a flag pole, one of the flags from all nations that surround the mausoleum. that was pretty cool of the guy and like i said i came away from there (and the marley house on hope road too, actually) with a whole lot of respect for bob marley and all his family. that respect has been tarnished somewhat in the years since largely by the actions of rita, but still, my respect for bob marley remains concrete. many people dont know that on fridays a line formed in front of his house of people looking for money for investments etc and he always made sure they went away happy if they had even a halfway reasonable need.

anyway, its sad to know things went downhill at nine mile but i guess it was inevitable. just like at hope road...when i was there last (92 i think) it was well mellow and you could wander around freely even though you did pay an admittance fee, it was well worthwhile. i hear thats descended into a tourist trap too, which is a shame but likewise inevitable. i guess rita has to eat.

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Postby rez » Fri Jan 14, 2005 8:59 pm

yeah sure we all gotta eat....

the royalties she recieves off the 10 million copies Legend sold in the US alone should keep the wolf from the door I'd say though!
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Postby plunkstar » Sat Jan 15, 2005 8:45 am

The thing that I don't get is that many Rastas are quite ademant about having nothing to do with burials. okay- they will visit an occasional 9 night, but...exhuming a body would be take it way too far. Bob himself did not even leave a testament because he wished to stay ignorant of the possibility of death.
If Mrs. Marley still had any credibility left among JA. rastas- she done lost it now! This will cause some serious "fya-bunn" replies in JA.

I visited Shashamane in 1997. It is sorta the last stop on the way from Addis to Kenya. No doubt that if the reburial is true that is would boast tourism in this otherwise sleepy town. However, there is little infrastucture to accomodate this tourism.
Those diasporic Africans who have repatriated there over the last years are still struggling- just as anyone else in Ethiopia. I would love forthem to have a cashcow- but I don't think Bob's bones would be the best way to go about it.

During the the year I lived in JA I never went to Bob's mausoleum. I just never got around to it- and I guess I also never made it a priority. I have meta lot of fols who went to JA mainly to soak up BM vibes. JA needs every tourist dollar they can get there hands on- and Bob is an intergral part of the tourist package.

Rita Marley....what can one say about her? From the moment Bob died she decided that it was now her moment to shine and she has been feeding her own myth ever since. Not my cup of tea- but hey...that's her thing. Those who like Bob Marley music couldn't care less I hope. the music stands on its own- no matter how many reburials are gonna take place
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Postby rasfael » Sat Jan 15, 2005 11:19 am

donknotts wrote: As far as I know, Bob never even visited Ethiopia even when he was on the continent for concerts in Zimbabwe

Bob was in Ethiopia in 1978
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Postby Professor Mushtaq » Mon Jan 17, 2005 10:12 pm

another article[/url]
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Postby Professor Mushtaq » Mon Jan 17, 2005 10:13 pm

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