Delroy Melody

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Delroy Melody

Postby Johan L » Tue Jan 11, 2005 4:14 pm

He recorded an album called "Dread must be fed" in the beginning of the 80's. Do somebody know more about him?
Johan L
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Postby ian » Tue Jan 11, 2005 6:02 pm

No more info on him but his 7" releases include...

Bus Shot (Harry J)
Ease Up The Pressure (Rudwill)
Miss Brown (Marcus)
Natty Dread She Want (Joe Gibbs 12")
Tears (Abeng)
Yvonne (Venture 12")
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Postby JV » Tue Jan 11, 2005 6:15 pm

I've got two more early-to mid 80's 7"s

Beat Down The Fence (Black Beauty)
I Man Feel Irie (Marcus)

Just a voice on plastic, no info here.
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Postby Captain » Tue Jan 11, 2005 6:17 pm

delroy melody - school girl - r. williams (Black beauty)
delroy melody - the don inna the area (Palm disco)

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Postby Captain » Tue Jan 11, 2005 6:19 pm

delroy melody - sit right down & cry / brigadier jerry - musical cry - s. morris (Marcus 7")

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Postby Johan L » Wed Jan 12, 2005 9:26 am

I got an 7" 'Johnny too Bad' on Top Line. Produced by David Madden ca 1985.
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Re: Delroy Melody

Postby osafe » Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:30 pm


i met him in 2009 in JA. we are now friends...he's a nice & humble person

he told me the whole story of his life , nuff tribulations from late 60's to late 80's...

he's now back in the music business, available for production or dubplates...

please contact me if you want to collaborate:

yard dot abroad at gmail dot com

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Re: Delroy Melody

Postby osafe » Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:35 pm

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Re: Delroy Melody

Postby osafe » Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:07 pm

this is a google translation of the reggaefrance article...

The Original Melody

In the world of reggae, we always encounter the forgotten artists. For most fans of Jamaican music, the name Delroy Melody is unknown. Connoisseurs and lovers of roots of 70 and 80 were probably in their bins rare singles as terrifying Ease Up The Pressure, or his album "Dread Must Be Fed" released by a mysterious Canadian label: Big Soul Power Mac.
For the first time, Delroy Melody talking to a European media of his musical journey treacherous and beautiful encounters ...

Like all teenagers his age, Delroy Melody (Lassive Jones real name) sings in her school choir. The 'Melrose Primary School' teaches many young people with a Jacob Miller. Delroy recalls: "We went to the Melrose School who was on Little Kew Road, Jacob Miller lived on Russo Road I was on Tarrant Drive, Jacob was a year younger and I was 14..." Jacob and Delroy approached on the banks of the choir by Lawrence Choir and Norris Weir, then lead singer of The Jamaicans. Norris Weir suggests that Jacob and Delroy to start a band with Lawrence because they sound good on vocals. In addition, Lawrence is already known to play guitar ... The group started and appoints Young Lads with The Jamaicans as a model.

Baptized by Bunny Lee
After school, they rehearse together in the street and it's Junior Byles with his first band The Versatile submitting the idea to Young Lads they have the level to record. In 1968, Bunny Lee holds its session in Greenwich Farm. This is a Saturday, all together, they go where decided in less than a minute can save. When Young Lads arrive on site, this is Slim Smith who runs the hearings. After a few harmonies, the regretted member of Techniques and Uniques loves what he hears, and sends them straight to Bunny Lee.

The Young Lads come to Bunny Lee, but he imagines another group name: "Bwoy, you're still in school, you are students, you will be School Boys ," he says them. "Bunny Lee felt there were too many groups 'Lads' and a group of schoolchildren, it sounded good." (There are several groups called Boys School between 1963 and 1970. Bible Roots Knotty Roots ready fifteen releases of probably three or four different group with the stage name formations, ed.)

"'Look mom, it's a yellow disc!"
Some time later, the School Boys go to the Treasure Isle studio run by the formidable Duke Reid and praised by Bunny Lee sessions. The School Boys have two songs ready, the band is in the studio and play the riddims. The session starts with Jacob Miller as lead vocal and Delroy & Lawrence as backing vocals. Both titles are recorded: Guilty Of Love and Oh Tell Me.
Bunny Lee goes directly press the two titles on yellow vinyl, something unusual at the time: "Duke Reid issued from time to time pressings colored Bunny Lee knew. it was a good recipe to know its hard when the singer or group was unknown, and it always impressed in the evening when I got home, I cried to my mother. 'Look mom, it is a yellow disc! "

You can listen to the title Tell Me Oh and see the famous yellow disc on the YouTube channel Thegreatwugawuga

Notice to collectors, Delroy Melody remembers Bunny Lee also urged for those titles on a green disc and then give you the opportunity to label English PAMA also single out the 45tr.

You can also listen to the second title, Guilty Of Love here

The School Boys did not record other tracks for Bunny Lee but Delroy Melody remembers that the group has recorded two or three tracks for Coxsone, which were never released. The School Boys continued to sing in clubs and hotels in Jamaica with groups like Tommy McCook & the Supersonics, Lynn Taitt & The Jets, Sonny Bradshaw Orchestra but shortly before the band broke up. Jacob Miller goes to Coxsone with Guilty Of Love and takes it into Love Is A Message, the world famous version released in 1972 as one of Coxsone labels, Money Disc.

Melody & Marcus
For its part, Delroy Melody also recorded his first solo title, Tears for Abeng label. In 1978, he made an important meeting with Winston Martin sound system of Emperor Marcus who at the time ran on Papine, Dung Di Hole Tavern, Hope, Flat & Kentyre. "There were artists like Brigadier Jerry (before he joined Jah Love Muzik), Danny Dread and many others." Marcus wanted to get into production and is Sylvan Morris, known as one of the best engineers on the island (Treasure Isle, Studio One, Harry J Studio, Dynamic Sounds ...), who helps him take his first steps. Marcus enlists Delroy Melody for a session. They record that Miss Brown released as a single on his own label Marcus. "The song received a lot of support," remembers Delroy. One day at home he gets a call from Alfanso Walker, the head of "Where It's At" program, a TV show on JBC (Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation), the only TV channel. Miss Brown and she likes the chain wants a live Delroy. This platform allows him to receive several proposals and turn around on the island in clubs like Boehema, Tropics, or Tit-For-Tat. "In these places it was really great atmosphere at the time."

Dread Must Be Fed
Marcus wants a quick album Delroy. With Sylvan Morris, they set up the most beautiful bunch of musicians at the time to build riddims. Flabba Holt brings a reinforcement Robbie Shakespeare for some bass lines and Style Scott and Sly Dunabr deal with the Drum and Syndrums part. Many instruments you hear more too nowadays dress riddims thanks to the Bubbler clavinet, Bongo Herman & Sticky percussion. The brass are made by the dangerous trio David Madden, Dean Fraser and Nambo Robinson, lead guitar by Willie Lindo, the rhythm guitar by Bingy Bunny, the organ by Winston Wright Piano by Bubbler and Gladstone Anderson. We find more like backing vocals The Tamlins and Wellesley Braham and everyone working in the studio Harry J. With such a team, the result is a timeless roots album with beautiful songs like Oh Jah. This is Sly Dunbar who wrote the song Dread Must Be Fed few years ago to Delroy Melody and give the name of this album.

Marcus wants for his album a outernational radiation as Rastas say, that is to say, outside of Jamaica, but it is new to the business of distribution. He turned to Leslie Guy, family member Bunny Wailer and reputed to have a good knowledge of the music industry at that time.

Seeking a Big Mac Soul Power
Marcus says he records "Dread Must Be Fed" and securities Brigadier Jerry he had produced. Sends it to Canada, particularly in Toronto, Ontario to find a deal. Leslie Guy meets Humphrey McDonald & Teddy Davis from Big Mac Soul Power label. She leaves the album on site but on his return to Jamaica, it provides nothing like having concluded deal. Meanwhile, Marcus was arrested in England for a business of marijuana and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Scotland Yard police have even landed in Jamaica to capture a good portion of its assets.

Winston 'Marcus' Martin released after 7 years in captivity. On his return to Jamaica around 1988, he realizes that his album "Dread Must Be Fed" has been squeezed by the Big Mac Soul Power label in Canada, and that copies are sold worldwide. Marcus then sends Leslie Guy in Canada to try to recover royalties but when she arrives at the address indicated on the album (68 Morecambe Gate Plaza), there is no label Big Mac Soul Power ... He was told that the label moved to New York, but his research in the Big Apple do not work. On his return to Jamaica, she announced the news to Marcus. Disgusted, he especially wants to hear about this album and decided to completely stop the music. The story of this album resurfaces more than thirty years later when a Canadian digger bought the stock LP "Dread Must be Fed" from the owner of the Big Mac Soul Power label. Humphrey McDonald's or Teddy Davis still had about 75 copies of the album. Big Mac always Soul Power is based in Canada but refused to respond to our requests.

"Ease Up The Pressure"
In 1979-1980, Delroy Melody Meets Ruddy Williams and has one of his best songs, deep Ease Up The Pressure on a heavy riddim concocted by the Studio One Band. Delroy denounces: "Ease up the Pressure, ease up the Pressure / Rome is for the romance, Rome is not for African / We want to be free from all the misery" ("Release the pressure, release pressure / Rome is for romance, not Africans / We want to get rid of all this misery ").

Delroy recorded for other producers securities School Girl Possie Are You Ready and Beat Down The Fence. Joe Gibbs called for a version with discomix Trinity, Natty Dread She Want. Harry J noticing and brought into the studio to record songs like Buss Shot, Live & Direct, My Lover. These securities were sold rather well, and Harry J Delroy Melody offers an exclusive eight-year contract: "I was really happy because at that time Harry J was installed on the site and his studio was one of the best on the island. " But after only a year, Harry J does nothing save him, and Delroy Melody an impasse: "I was completely blocked in the music business because I could not register for other producers. So I joined the Sun Force Band group in St Elizabeth in 1987 and played in many hotels on the island all the classics of Jamaican music. "

"I'm from a humble beginning"
After a long pause, Delroy Melody takes back his artistic and especially digital career in 2010 when he sees that his album is all over the internet. With the help of his wife, Mrs. C. Ford-Jones, son-Spicylus they create Level Production Head to distribute "Dread Must Be Fed" digitally. Driven by his wife, Delroy joined more often in the studio his friend Correl "Red Cap" Hewitt (guitarist for Byron Lee and UB40) and father of the young sensation Natel that recently accompanied Mr Vegas for his European shows. Delroy gives his wife a cover of Dennis Brown, Silhouettes and more than a few crossover productions, sings Bad Mind People and Humble Beginning in acoustics. More than 40 years after singing for the first time behind a microphone, Delroy Melody sings with a smile and guitar in hand "I am from a humble beginning ..." Modesty by Delroy Melody.

"I want to thank Sylvan Morris has really helped me in my career as a singer and I want to big up Corell Hewitt working on new riddims for me now. Big up also to Head Production Level, my wife Mrs. C. Ford Jones, Spicylus my step-son, Lloyd and Claudine my road team Lyslie Chris, Mikey Jones and Joe. "

The album "Delroy Melody Collection", which includes old and new tracks, is available on iTunes.

Article written by Jerome Bast
Thanks: Joe Safe
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Re: Delroy Melody

Postby osafe » Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:42 am

Delroy Melody, live and direct from Jamaica
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